We offer our clients a professional service for both, dust free floor sanding and sealing of wooden  floors.

With our imported state of the art floor finishing system that guarantees supreme indoor air quality, waterborne finishes, as well as non- toxic cleaners we promise a quality floor sanding service for easy maintenance to ensure the long lasting beauty of your solid wooden flooring.

Our floor sanding equipment ensures a 97% dust free procedure, so there is no need for our clients to clear out wardrobes or shelves to protect their valuable items from sanding dust AND they no longer have to sweep walls, wipe cupboards or wash items to remove invasive fine dust associated with old-fashioned timber floor polishing.


Advanced Benefits

Our latest technology allows us to sand floors with very little dust, providing a healthier working environment, far superior finishing of the floor, and much greater customer satisfaction.

No Dust - No Fuss!

  • No need to empty out wardrobes or remove other items from shelves
  • Eliminates the need for you to clean up afterwards
  • Adjoining rooms unaffected by dust
  • No fine dust particles left anywhere, not even hidden behind furniture or in corners
  • Curtains, furniture, fragile artworks, stock or chandeliers aren't cloaked in dust
  • Electronic devices, air conditioning systems unaffected
  • Studies, books, clothes and expensive computer equipment won't be exposed to invasive, damaging dust.

Why Go Dust Free?

  • Our methods are environmentally friendly
  • Cost efficient & Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Less invasive and more convenient than the old fashioned methods

Who we benefit

  • Art galleries, Museums & Show rooms
  • Clothing Stores & Shop Fronts
  • Restaurants. Bars & Cafes
  • Schools, Libraries & Hospitals
  • People with Sensitivity to chemicals, suffer from allergies or Asthma sufferers